Kim Alexander

Kim Alexander

Director of Production, hotel points aggregator


Kim has always loved photography. As a kid, she was on a first-name basis with the staff in the photo department at her hometown’s Eckerd Drugstore. She then served as the photo editor of her high-school yearbook. She thought briefly about becoming a kindergarten teacher in college. Then, in the middle of her Sophomore year, she had the opportunity to appear in a national television commercial, she knew advertising was her calling. Not as an actor, of course. She was really bad at that. But producing seemed like a good option.

Kim spent 16 years at The Richards Group producing spots for clients including Ram Trucks, Advance Auto Parts, Charter Communications, H-E-B and Central Market, just to name a few. She joined Plot Twist as its very first Director of Production. When not producing commercials (and she is almost always producing commercials), she still takes lots of pictures of her kids and her cats. She truly feels like she lucked into the perfect job, where she gets to see the magic that a camera can bring to life. She also gets to use some of those kindergarten teacher skills on TV shoots, keeping creatives and crew focused and on task. She’s not above putting a rambunctious creative director in time-out if that’s what it takes to get the job done.

Professional Not-So-Humble Brags:

Kim is the ultimate juggler. She regularly has many jobs in pre-production, production and post-production and never gets ruffled…as long as there’s Diet Coke.

Interesting Cocktail Party Tidbits:

Did she mention she starred in a national TV commercial?!

Best plot twist (so far):

The topsy-turvy world of production is a factory of unexpected plot twists. Just ask her to tell you about the time [FAMOUS ACTOR] demanded [SOME RIDICULOUS INDULGENCE] during the [PROBLEM-PLAGUED PROJECT] shoot and they ended up having to [BRILLIANT SOLUTION THAT THE CLIENT LIKED EVEN BETTER]. True story.