Nilla Paine

Nilla Paine

Senior Digital/Social Strategist, playlist savant


With a name like Nilla, brand planner turned digital/social strategist will tell you she had no choice but to live up to the cool/quirky uniqueness of her great, great grandmother’s name and the unspoken expectations that come with possibly of being named after a wafer cookie (not really, it’s just a family name). Although now identifying proudly as a California girl living in San Diego, Nilla was born and raised in Dallas, Texas before going on to attend college at the University of Georgia, your 2021 + 2022 CFB National Champs, she would likely add. Following her interest in human behavior, Nilla began studying psychology at the University of Georgia until her creative spirit steered her down a path in both Advertising and Music Business. After graduating she channeled her innate curiosity and passion into her work for a variety of clients as a brand planner and digital and social strategist at the Richards Group for 4 years. In the biggest plot twist, remote work allowed her the opportunity to move to Southern California and the very place she’d dreamed of since visiting so many summers as a kid. She then took her skills and helped launch three start-ups and took on her own clients while working part time with Plot Twist and ultimately full-time.

Professional Not-So-Humble Brags:

Ran the twitter account for Dr Pepper, a perfect match for her bubbly personality.

Interesting Cocktail Party Tidbits:

Her great, great Grandfather was Amelia Earhart’s widower when she left on her infamous flight.

Best plot twist (so far):

Decided to run a half marathon she didn’t train for and finished in under 2 hours.