Tony Rucker

Tony Rucker

Broadcast Producer, Seinfeld superfan


Tony is a native Texan, born in Houston but raised in Dallas. After graduating from the University of North Texas with a degree in Radio, TV and Film, he went directly into the advertising world as an assistant editor at a post-production facility in Dallas. After editing for awhile, he realized he would much rather be producing. He learned to love the problem-solving and client-facing aspect of the role. He also learned he was pretty good at it. Over his career he has served as a post-producer, a 3D animation producer, and a social producer. In short: This guy produces.

Professional Not-So-Humble Brags:

At the start of his career as an assistant editor, Tony single-handedly assisted four editors, an online editor, a graphics designer AND an audio engineer (all different people). The only other guy in Dallas with more assists was Jason Kidd.

Interesting Cocktail Party Tidbits:

Tony also played college hockey (it was club, but it counts). Yes, UNT has a hockey team.

He is the lead singer in a country band and writes the majority of the music and lyrics. On any given night he’ll play and sing over forty songs in a three-hour period. That’s worthy of a country song right there.

He is known for his ability to carry on a conversation speaking only in Seinfeld quotes. But he does not want to be a pirate.

Best plot twist (so far):

In a span of two weeks in 2017, Tony, his wife and their three-year old son put their house on the market, sold it, packed up and moved to Kerrville, Texas for a much-needed change of scenery and pace. Tony ran his own handyman business for four years, fixing busted doors and re-caulking tiles on half the houses in Kerrville. He even spent some time making jewelry for Kerrville-based jewelry crafters (and—plot twist!—one of our current clients) James Avery Artisan Jewelry. Tony realized he missed the fun of production, and the family moved back to Dallas. But he wouldn’t trade that experience for the world.