Payton Lambert

Payton Lambert

Art Director, documentary connoisseur, #1 snake hater


Payton hails from Vestavia Hills, just outside of Birmingham, Alabama. But with a mother from England and a father from Tennessee, the Fourth of July was an interesting holiday in Payton’s household. Her left foot is half a size smaller than her right, due to a horse stepping on it in 2011, which made finding comfortable ballet slippers extremely difficult. From a young age, Payton had a passion for creativity. From writing short stories to filling notebooks with drawings to using up all of the storage on her Mom’s desktop computer with iMovie videos in elementary school (sorry Mom), she knew being creative was her undying love. She then discovered this could be a career, and had her sights set on art direction ever since. 


Payton completed her undergrad at the University of Alabama, where she spent 2 years in their creative advertising portfolio program, Minerva. She graduated with a major in advertising with a creative specialization and a minor in communication studies.


Professional Not-So-Humble Brags:

Payton has acquired more than a few Addy's before she graduated college. She created a lot of chatter for a Young One’s submission involving Spotify and 30-foot toilets.

She sold her first TV spot within just a few weeks of starting her career.


Interesting Cocktail Party Tidbits:

She was a second degree blackbelt in karate at the age of 11, but still watches Disney movies at 22.

Payton keeps a list ranking every documentary she’s ever watched, and it is extensive to say the least.

Growing up, she spent her summers and winter breaks in England with family, so she has a pretty killer British accent.

Potentially the only Alabamian-British girl who hates both iced tea and hot tea.



Best plot twist (so far):

Finding somewhere to live in Dallas with 8 days notice. And actually fitting all of her belongings in a 15-foot U-Haul.