Sonia Amin

Sonia Amin

Associate Creative Director/Art Director, kickball hall-of-famer


Sonia is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she became quite acclimated to the cold. Then she moved to Texas and, as they say here, “her blood thinned out.” She’s a proud graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, where she completed the Texas Creative Program. Prior to Plot Twist, she worked at The Richards Group in Dallas and lookthinkmake in Austin.

Professional Not-So-Humble Brags:

Sonia has more than her fair share of Austin and Dallas Addys under her belt. She was recognized as one of Ad2Dallas' 32 Under 32, and currently holds the record for fastest turnaround of a new business pitch piece.

Interesting Cocktail Party Tidbits:

Likes making pasta. Likes eating pasta even more. Has a respectable on-base percentage on her kickball team.

Best plot twist (so far):

Sonia spent the bulk of her life planning to be a writer. She applied to UT as a journalism major and started classes learning to write and report. She’d even developed a pretty passable tortured ennui. But it dawned on her rather quickly that she preferred working with writers to actually being one. So she switched to art direction and traded the ennui for joie de vivre and has never looked back.